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Natural Choice Cosmetics – Cosmetic Manufacture and Skin Care Supplies

“The managing director came down from his office and said for the umpteenth time “Can you make this dish washing liquid cheaper.” I replied “It costs us 12 cents a litre now, if we reduce it any more we will be selling coloured water. Maybe we could use the water after we wash out the tanks and add a bit of colour to that.”  Unfortunately he took me seriously. That’s when I realised I was in the wrong job working for the wrong people. That was then, this is now.

Now I get requests like “I would like a face cream manufactured like this one I brought home from Europe” or “I would like a lip balm formulated as good as the Body shop ones, but not using petroleum jelly” or ” I would like a face mask that exfoliates as well as purifies”. I still get asked for a miracle a day, but now they’re miracles worth busting a gut for.”

Conrad Ball, Managing Director

Natural Choice Cosmetics (NCC) was established by Conrad & Marcia Ball in 1996 with the aim of assisting customers with limited funds and facilities, to develop, produce and distribute a comprehensive range of quality cosmetics, skin care, bath products & body products. Since then we have assisted many small home base cosmetic manufacturing businesses grow into larger businesses selling up to $1,000,000 worth across Australia and throughout the world.

Hidden away at Taylor’s Beach on the crystal waters of Port Stephens, three hours north of Sydney, Natural Choice Cosmetics keeps a low profile relying on word of mouth from very satisfied customers to keep the company growing at an incredible rate. Quality and service has put this company in a position where it can do what the big boys can’t, that is supply top quality natural cosmetics manufacture and skin care supplies, along with personalised service to even the smallest customer. Our aim is to care for our customers businesses as we would our own. We grow through our customers.