Cosmetic Manufacture

Private Label Cosmetic and Skin Care Manufacture

A large portion of our business at Natural Choice Cosmetics is contract private label skin care and cosmetic manufacture. During the start-up phase of a small or cottage business we supply the bases and key ingredients for you to develop your range, whether you are looking to create a natural skin care range, organic cosmetics line, or salon quality products. When sales take off, if you find you’re unable to keep up with demand, we can step in and take over the manufacturing process. This ensures the integrity of the products as well as maintaining a consistent supply.

The establishment of a production facility is expensive – by providing private  label cosmetic and skin care manufacturing we are able to assist our clients with the growth of their business, without this expense!

MANUFACTURING TANKS: We have a total of 10 stainless steel tanks ranging in size from a 5Lt Lip Balm pot to a 2,000Lt tapped and heated tank, accommodating any run size. We also have an assortment of mixers to match each of these tanks.

We can cater to your specific cosmetic and skin care manufacture requirements plus we have all the processing equipment needed to fill, label, seal and batch code your skin care product range. This covers all your cosmetic production needs, regardless of batch size. Ask us to help you create your own private label cosmetics and skin care today!

Cosmetic and Skin Care Formulations

Natural Choice Cosmetics has developed almost all the formulations of the cosmetic and skin care products produced in our factory and has over the past 15 years built up a library of private label cosmetic formulations numbering in the thousands.

So, should you have an idea of the result you are looking for from a cosmetic product, or perhaps have some thoughts on ingredients, but not a final cosmetic recipe, Natural Choice Cosmetics can manufacture your cosmetic or skin care range for you! Although each skin care product is individually manufactured to suit the customer’s needs, some of the cosmetic and other products we have formulated in the past include the following:-

Face Body Hair
Anti-Aging Cream
Anti-Aging Gel
Clay Mask for Oil Skin
Clay Mask for Dry Skin
Cleansing Clay Masks
Decolletage Creams
Cream Cleansers
Day Creams
Eye Gels
Eye Serums
Face Oils
Face Scrubs
Foaming Cleanser
Lip Balms
Make-up Remover
Moisturising Clay Mask
Neck Creams
Night Creams
Tanning Moisturisers
Vapour Balms
Aloe Vera Gel
Anti-Cellulite Gel
Body Balm
Body Butter
Body Lotion
Body Oils
Body Scrubs
Hair & Body Wash
Salt Scrub
Shower Gels
Vapour Balms
Conditioners –
Cleansing, Dreadlock, Hair Extensions, Moisturising, Protein, Reconditioning, Volumising, Wigs.Shampoos –
Anti-dandruff, Cleansing, Dreadlock, Hair Extensions, Moisturising, Protein, Reconditioning, Volumising, Wigs.2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner
Anti-frizz Spray
Dreadlock Balm
Dreadlock Pepper
Gloss Serum
Hair & Body Washes
Baby & New Mum Men’s Skin Care Waxing
Baby Balms
Baby Baths
Baby Oils
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoos
Bum Sprays
Nipple Balm
Stretch Mark Oil
Stretch Marks Butter
2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
After Shave Cream
After Shave Gel
After Shave Lotion
Hair & Body Wash
Shaving Foam
Shaving Gel
After Waxing Soothing Cream
After Waxing Cleansing Oil
Body Scrub (Pre-Tanning)

Ultra Sound Gel

Bath & Shower Hands, Feet & Nails Pet
Bath Milks
Bath Oils
Bath Salts
Bath Soaks
Hair & Body Wash
Foot Balm
Foot Cream
Foot Scrub
Hand Cream
Hand & Nail Cream
Dog Conditioning Spray
Dog Hair Conditioners
Dog Shampoos

With our extensive experience in the manufacture of cosmetic and skin care private label formulations, Natural Choice Cosmetics can help! Turn your dream cosmetic range into a reality, call us today!

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