Arnica Flowers (Arnica montana flowers) COSMOS Org Herbal Extract


Arnica has some distinctive characteristics that are favourable for cosmetics. These include the ability to make damaged and flaky skin heal and improve suppleness and thickness of the skin.

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The use of the Arnica flower in traditional medicine has been prominent since the 1500’s as an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. Popular use in healing include bruises, sun burn, minor burns and minor cuts.

INCI name – Glycerin**,  Arnica montana Extract* (and) Ethanol**

*from organic agriculture. 

**made using organic ingredients

100% organic of total minus water and minerals.

100% natural origin of total. 100% organic of total.

Note: This extract may give your product a light green or yellow tinge. Product’s may also become opaque which is more likely to occur in water toner’s etc with low surfactant concentration. We recommend using up to 1% extract in creams and washes and up to 0.25% in toner’s and water thin product’s. We always recommend running a small batch for stability testing before making larger batches.


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