Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) Organic Infused Oil

Spinach is the kale of the past, packed with many vitamins and has a very high ORAC. Spinach has been consumed, used in masks, hair, skin and as an anti-fungal. Almost everything that is kales claim to fame spinach can provide and has provided for a lot longer in popular society and continues to, though kale has stolen the spotlight for the moment. However, who could forget the iconic Popeye and his taste for spinach!!

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Spinach is a great compliment to any recovery, vitamin or mineral healing cosmetic product. Often it stars in popular home hair repair formulations such as “blend ½ spinach with ¼ oil and 1/8 honey then apply to scalp for two hours and wash out with shampoo.” Why not take advantage of this popular, known and well advertised trend taking the hair care community by storm.

INCA name – Carthamus Tinctorius*, Spinacia oleracea*

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