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As manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics bases, skin care bases and skin care supplies, Natural Choice Cosmetics is ethically concerned with the quality and efficacy of the products we create. As such:
• We do not conduct animal testing
• Wherever possible we suggest a more environmentally friendly alternative
• All our products are of the highest quality
• We make all Natural Choice products
• We do not on sell other companies products
• Many products can be custom made in batches as small as 20 litres
• Smaller customers may be interested in our base products supplied in as little as 1 litre quantities


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View Natural Choice Cosmetics best selling natural and organic cosmetic products and begin creating your skin care range

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As people have become more conscious of what we put in our bodies and use in our skin care, organic cosmetics have become main stream. Our range of organic skin care bases and cosmetic products are growing continuously.

3 Years of passionate research has finally resulted in our natural palm oil free range.

Why would we spend all that time developing it you may wonder, well it is because Palm oil free means Orangutan friendly.  We are appalled at the business ethics that the major palm oil suppliers are employing by foresting our beautiful forests and want to give our customers the chance to avoid their products and make a stand.

Palm oil is often collected via unsustainable foresting, this is destroying the habitat of many animals including the orangutan which is endangered. Palm oil free products are the way of the future if you want to stop foresting and uphold animal rights.


Our range of natural cosmetic and skin care bases are free of SLES, parabens, PEGs, and grapefruit seed extract, yet remain luxurious, high quality, long lasting cosmetic products.
Our premium cosmetic bases have been sold through distributors to the public for fifteen years and have stood the test of time. While the definition of natural may have changed, the definition of quality hasn’t – and when it comes to quality, this range won’t be beaten.
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Although most Natural Choice Cosmetic’s products are custom made, we hold a small range of off the shelf beauty products for those with a smaller range, as well as small scale beauty therapists, tanning practitioners, and the DIY beautician.


Due to the amount of vegetable oils we use in our cosmetics, we are able to purchase some oils at a much lower price than some of our customers can. Browse to find an ever expanding range of organic carrier oils to use in your cosmetic creations.
A mainstay in many cosmetic and skin care formulations, Natural Choice Cosmetics provides a large selection of essential oils, and a growing range of organic essential oils. Add to our organic and natural bases to formulate your skin care and cosmetics.
Smooth stones and bath stuff

Over the years, many customers have asked us to develop essential oil ranges for their products.  In the past we have thought that this wasn’t really our part in the big picture, however we have reconsidered and are now putting our 27 years experience to good use. Our essential oil blend will continue to grow, so come back regularly to see what is new.


Infused Oils and Natural Cosmetics have gone hand in hand for thousands of years.  By infusing the herb in Organic Safflower Oil, the properties are thought to be absorbed by the Oil enabling them to be added to oil based solutions, e.g. Oil Blends, Lip Balms, Body Balms, Oil base Serums, creams, etc.  The Infused Oils sold be Natural Choice Cosmetics are made from Certified Organic Herbs infused in certified organic Safflower Oil, resulting in a certified organic Infused Oil.

Herbal Extracts and Natural Cosmetics have gone hand in hand for thousands of years.  By infusing the herb in water, the properties are thought to be absorbed by the water enabling them to be added to water based solutions, e.g. Shampoo’s, Shower Gels, Toners, creams, etc.  The Herbal Extracts sold be Natural Choice Cosmetics are made from Certified Organic Herbs then preserved by certified organic Glycerin, resulting in a certified organic Herbal Extract.
Find a range of pure and organic butters suitable for cosmetic and skin care use in sizes suitable for all business and personal needs.
Clay, waxes, vitamins and more in a range of sizes to suit the budding cosmetics business through to the largest skin care formulating needs. Natural Choice Cosmetics uses its buying power to supply customers who formulate their own cosmetics and skin care with a range of natural raw materials suitable in either home or commercial use.
If you are after a bit more than essential oils in your lip balm, try our range of natural oil, soluble flavours. They are strong and exciting flavours that will amaze and impress.

This is our range of bargain products, derived from overruns and surplus raw materials.

Ideal for everyone from entrepreneur on a budget to the average home user.

Although the final decision regarding how natural a cosmetic or skin care product should be is the customers, Natural Choice Cosmetics holds no animal derived ingredients, conducts no animal testing and wherever possible suggest more environmentally friendly alternatives.

All our cosmetic bases, skin care bases, skin care supplies and raw materials are of the highest quality and as we make the products ourselves, instead of on-selling other people’s products, you will find the products surprisingly inexpensive.

Smaller customers may be interested in our natural and organic bases supplied in as little as 1Lt. Many products can be custom made from scratch or from base creams and skin care supplies we hold on site in batches of as little as 20Lt’s. These products include such things as Toners, Clay Masks, Bubble Bath, Face Creams, Body Lotions, Shampoos & Conditioners.

None of Natural Choice Cosmetics bases contain ingredients derived from animal origin. Over 99% of the ingredients used in our Bases are derived from vegetable origin but have been chemically altered to do the job required from them.

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