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Manufacturers of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

There has been some exciting news in organics that may make you re-think your range.

ACO have brought in a new category, “containing organic ingredients”.  This is a category for products that contain only raw materials approved by ACO and contain 70% or more organic materials.  In the past you could only have listed the organic ingredients and made the claim “Containing organic materials”.  Now you can use the ACO Bud.

We have many ideas for exciting new products that will fit into this category, but for this month we will be keeping it under our hat until things are more finalised.  In the meantime, maybe you have some ideas of your own.  Remember if you aren’t certified yourself, you can use our logo.

For the moment however we have added some more essential oils to our list, Peru Balsam, White Grapefruit and Tangerine.  See our price list for prices.

Still in the pipeline: Organic body butter, more organic oils, organic balms, more organic creams, organic aloe vera


Conrad & Marcia