Bay Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis) Essential Oil



Bay Laurel leaf oil was regarded as sacred and valuable by both the ancient Romans and Greeks.  Among its many properties include:-

  1. Antibacterial properties help clean bacteria out from wounds, cuts, bruises or scrapes.
  2. It can provide pain relief from arthritis, rheumatism, gout or to sore, aching muscles.
  3. Working as an expectorant as it is able to clear up excess phlegm and mucus, relieving congestion of the nasal passageway.
  4. It is thought to be a good hair tonic, as it boosts hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss.
  5. It has often been used as an insect repellent.
  6. It is used in digestive issues like colic, indigestion or upset stomach.


Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis

Extraction method – Steam Distilled

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