Camellia Oil Organic (Camellia oleifera)


Organic Camellia Essential Oil has a subtle, slightly herby aroma and originates from China.

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Camellia oil benefits for hair include its use in preventing hair breakage and due to being light in nature it is quickly absorbed into the hair without making it greasy. It acts as a good moisturiser that can soothe dry scalp conditions.  It also works well used in a scalp massage, even the dry ends of the hair can be moisturised with a few drops of camellia oil a couple of times a week.

Camellia oil benefits include skin care too. It is a good moisturiser for skin. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin without making it too oily. Applying camellia oil is good for preventing damage from the sun. It is also said to be good for reducing the signs of aging eg  wrinkles and age spots. This oil is sometimes used for healing wounds and soothing skin irritations. It is also said to be effective in fading scars with long-term use.


Botanical name:  Camellia oleifera

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